2001 - Normal, Illinois

April 22, 2001
35th Annual Meeting North-Central Section Geological Society of America Normal, Illinois

Introduction-Developing large diverse data sets, and constructing three-dimensional geologic and groundwater models.
Berg, Richard C. and Thorleifson, L. Harvey

Hydrogeologic inventory of the upper Illinois river Basin - Creating a large data base from well construction records
Arnold, T.L., M.J. Friedel, and K.L. Warner
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Developing the database for 3-D modeling: acquiring, assembling, verifying, assessing, interpreting, and integrating source data
Barnhardt, Michael L., Ardith K. Hansel,and Andrew J. Stumpf
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Geological model for groundwater flow studies, greater Ottawa, Canada
Belanger, J. Robert
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Regional groundwater mapping and model
Boyd, Dwight, Steve Holysh, and Jeff Pitcher
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Estimating parameters for a complex regional 3D groundwater flow model in southeastern Wisconsin
Eaton, Timothy T., Daniel T. Feinstein, Kenneth R. Bradbury, and James T. Krohelski
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A strategy to evaluate soil suitability in the prairie landscape for application of manure
Eilers, Robert G.
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Lithostratigraphy and hydrostatrigraphy of the Alexandria moraine, Otter Tail County area, west-central Minnesota
Harris, Kenneth L. and James A. Berg
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A Method for Addressing Variable Data Quality and Clustered Data
Keefer, D.A. and D.R. Larson
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Geological control in 3D stratigraphic modeling, Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario
Logan, C., H.J. Russell, and D.R. Sharpe
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Shallow subsurface geological mapping applied to groundwater resource management is Saskatchewan
Maathuis, Harm
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Construction of a stack-unit map to predict pathways of subsurface contaminants within the A/M Area of the Savannah River Site, SC
Rine, James M., John M. Shafer, Elzbieta Covington, and Richard C. Berg
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On the construction of 3D geological models for applications in regional hydrogeology in complex Quaternary terrains of eastern Canada
Ross, M., M. Parent, Y Michaud, E. Boisvert, and F. Girard
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Not without sedimentology: Guiding groundwater studies in the Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario
Russell, H.A.J, D.R. Sharpe, C. Logan, and T.A. Brennand
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Groundwater modeling: End-user needs from geologic characterization
Shafer, John M.
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Regional hydrogeology, modelsl and land use planning, Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario
Sharpe, M.J, Hinton, H.A.R. Russel and C. Logan
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A method for three-dimensional mapping, merging geologic interpretation, and GIS computation
Soller, David R. and Richard C. Berg
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Three-dimensional models of shallow aquifer systems derived from interpolation of lithologic descriptions in water well logs; Lake Rim area, northwest Indiana
Spindler, K.M., T. Kim, and G.A. Olyphant
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Construction of a geological model of the Winnipeg region for groundwater modeling
Thorleifson, L.H., G.L.D. Matile, D.M. Pyne and G.R. Keller
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Mapping buried glacial deposits in Washington County, Minnesota-Applications to hydrogeologic characterization of glacial terrains
Tipping, Robert G. and Gary N. Meyer
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The Seattle-area geologic mapping project and the geologic framework of Seattle
Troost, K.G., D.B. Booth, S.A. Shimel, and M.A. O'Neal
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The use of geologic models for groundwater modeling in radioactive waste disposal programs
Walker, Douglas D.
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