2002 - Denver, Colorado

October 26, 2002
Denver, Colorado

Introduction - The need for high-quality three-dimensional geologic information for groundwater and other environmental applications
L.H. Thorleifson and R.C. Berg
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Hydrogeologic mapping and aquifer vulnerability modeling in Florida: 2D and 3D data analysis and visualization
Arthur, J.D, J. Cichon, A. Baker, J. Marquez, A. Rudin and A. Wood
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Three-dimensional geologic modeling of the Virttaankangas aquifer, southwestern Finland
Artimo, A., R.C. Berg, C.C. Abert, J. Makinen and V.P. Salonen
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Mapping the subsurface of Waterloo Region, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Bajc, A
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Three-dimensional Geologic Mapping for Transportation Planning in Central-northern Illinois: Data Selection, Map Construction, and Model Development
Berg, R.C., E.D. McKay, D.A. Keefer, R.A. Bauer, P.D. Johnstone, B.J. Stiff, A. Pugin, C.P. Weibel, A.J. Stumpf, T.H. Larson, W.J. Su and G.T. Homrighous
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Representing bedrock subcrop hydrostratigraphy in a multi-layer MODFLOW grid
Eaton, T. T. and D. T. Feinstein
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Surficial Geologic Mapping in the French Village 7.5-minute Quadrangle, Metro East St. Louis Area, Illinois
Grimley, D.A.
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Developing a preliminary 3-D model of the quaternary geology of the Wauconda 7.5' Quadrangle
Hansel, A.K., A.J. Stumpf and M.L. Barnhardt
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Evaluating Uncertainty in Geologic Models from the IL29 Geologic Mapping Project
Keefer, D.A., E.D. McKay and R.C. Berg
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Three-Dimensional Geological Modeling of Complex Glacial Deposits
Kopczynski, S.E., D.E. Lawson, D. Finnegan, S. Bigl and E. Evenson
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Societal Drivers for Geologic Mapping and the Value of 3-D Mapping
Lyttle, P.T
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A Coupled Geologic-Hydrologic Model of a Glacial-Lacustrine Aquifer System in Northwest Indiana: Model Development and Results of a Preliminary Simulation
Olyphant, G.A. and K.M. Spindler
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Making 3-D geologic Maps of Seattle
O'Neal, M.A., K. Goetz Troost, D.B. Booth, S.A. Shimel and E. Sommargren
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Extending GIS Concepts into True 3D for Geologic and Hydrogeologic Descriptive Modeling
Pack, S.
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Geological Mapping using Geophysics
Pugin, A.J.M. and T.H. Larson
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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Hydrostratigraphic Data Using Works/2002 - A Hypothetical Case Study
Reed, J.P. and A.E. Alcott
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Three-Dimensional Aquifer Mapping Using Indicator Geostatistics
Ritzi, R.W. Jr.
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3D geologic framework for regional hydrogeology and land-use management; a case study from southwestern Quebec, Canada
Ross, M., M. Parent, R. Lefebvre and R. Martel
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Mapping of groundwater reserves in Finland: the present status and aspects for future work
Salonen, V.P.
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The Need for Basin Analysis in Regional Hydrogeological Studies: Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
Sharpe, D.R., M.J. Hinton, H.A.J. Russell and A.J. Desbarats
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Developing a standard geologic data model to incorporate 3-D information
Soller, D.R.
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Glacial geology mapping in Berrien County, Michigan: Resolving the third dimension for increasing the accuracy of resource assessment
Stone, B.D., K.A. Kincare and D.W. OLearyl
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Hydrogeologic Framework Construction, Using An Example from the Death Valley Ground-Water Flow System, Nevada And California, USA
Sweetkind, D.S., W.R. Belcher and C.C. Faunt
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Construction of a geological model for southern Manitoba for groundwater modeling
Thorleifson, L.H., G.L.D. Matile, D.M. Pyne and G.R. Keller
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A geophysical investigation into the lithology and stratigraphy of the Mahomet Buried Valley, Piatt County, IL
Willems, B.A., T.H. Larson, A.J.M. Pugin and D.H. Malone
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Bayesian and maximum entropy inversion of highly heterogeneous aquifers
Woodbury, A., Y. Jiang and S. Painter
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Workshop Wrapup
Thorliefson, L. Harvey
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