2004 - Ontario, Canada

May 15, 2004
49th Annual Meeting, Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Introduction - Basin Analysis and the Development of 3-D Geological Models for Regional Hydrogeological Applications
Russell, H., R.C. Berg, L.H. Thorleifson
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Commentary -- Three-dimensional Geologic Modeling: Challenging our Terminology and our Understanding of Geologic Maps
Berg, R.C. and D.A. Keefer
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Utilization of 3-D Geologic Modeling for a Large-scale Water Supply Project in Southwestern Finland
Artimo, A., S. Sarapera, and I. Ylander
Abstract (888 KB) Presentation (7.95 MB)

Three-Dimensional Mapping of Quaternary Deposits in the Waterloo Region, Southwestern Ontario
Bajc, A
Abstract (3.28 MB) Presentation 30.22 MB

Integrated Modelling of Geoscience Information to Support Sustainable Urban Planning, Greater Manchester Area, Northwest England
Bridge, D.M., E. Hough, H. Kessler, M. Lelliott, S.J. Price, and H.J. Reeves
Abstract (804 KB) Presentation (84.97 MB)

3-D Colour Schemes for Complex Glacial Aquifer/Aquitard Systems
Frind, E.O. and P.J. Martin
Abstract (6.33 MB) Presentation 31.47 MB

Cooperative Geological Mapping Strategies Across Canada: What Relevance for Groundwater?
Hanmer, Simon
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Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping in Rapid-Growth Areas: A Case Study from Lake County, Northeastern Illinois
Hansel, A.K., B.J. Stiff, and M.L. Barnhardt
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Borehole Geophysical Logging in Unconsolidated Sediments - An Aid to 3-D Mapping
Hunter, J.A.
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Communicating the Vision?
Jackson, Ian
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Merging Conceptual Insight and Secondary Indicators into the Hydrogeologic Modelling Process: Example from the Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
Kassenaar, D., R. Gerber, and S. Holysh
Abstract (4.95 MB)

Addressing Data Management Challenges in 3-D Geologic Mapping Projects
Keefer, D.A., and A.M. Davis
Abstract (115 KB) Presentation 13.27 MB

A Stratigraphic Database Approach to 3-D Modelling in the Oak Ridges Moraine Area, Southern Ontario
Logan, C., H.A.J. Russell, and D.R. Sharpe
Abstract (498 KB)

Geologic Framework of Two Contrasting Nearshore Areas of Michigan, and New Hypotheses for Relationships Among Geology, Ground-water Flow, Water Quality, and Ecology
Lundstrom, S.C., S.K. Haack, B.P. Neff, H.W. Reeves, L.R. Rukstales, K.C. McKinney, D.O. Rosenberry, J.F. Savino, D.R. Passino-Reader, and N.G. Grannemann
Abstract (1.2 MB)

Investigating the Characteristics and Three-Dimensional Distribution of Quaternary Sediments Infilling Parts of the Dundas Valley, Hamilton, Ontario
MacCormack, K., V. Terlaky, J. Maclachlan, C.H. Eyles, and A. Bertram
Abstract (817 KB)

Three-dimensional Geological Mapping and Groundwater Flow Modeling in the City of Pickering, Ontario; Application to Urban Environmental Issues
Meriano, M. and N. Eyles
Abstract (3.9 MB)

A 3-Dimensional, Transient Simulation of Ground-water Drawdown and Recovery from Coalbed Methane Development in Multiple Coal Seams in Southwest Montana
Metesh, J.J., and J.R. Wheaton
Abstract (2.18 MB)

Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Modelling in the Quaternary Succession Near Cold Lake, in East-Central Alberta
Michael, Karsten
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Towards Seamless Interactions Between Geologic Models and Hydrogeologic Applications
Ross, M., M. Parent, R. Martel, and R. Lefebvre
Abstract (3.62 MB) Presentation 16.08 MB

Buried-valley Aquifers: Delineation and Characterization from Reflection Seismic and Core Data at Caledon East, Ontario
Russell, H.A.J., S.E. Pullan, J.A. Hunter, D.R. Sharpe, and S. Holysh
Abstract (1.13 MB)

Updating of the Three-dimensional Hydrogeological Model of the Virttaankangas Area, Southwestern Finland
Sarapera S., Artimo A.
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Basin Analysis Applied to Modelling Buried Valleys in the Great Lakes Basin
Sharpe, D.R. and H.A.J. Russell
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Facilitating 3-D Analysis with Standardized Information-The Role of the National Geologic Map Database
Soller, David R.
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Integrating 3-D Facies Analysis of Glacial Aquifer Systems with Ground-water Flow Models: Examples from New England and the Great Lakes Region, USA
Stone, B.D., J.R. Stone, J.P. Masterson, and D.W. O'Leary
Abstract (2.85 MB)

Visualizing the Stratigraphic History of Buried Depositional Units in the Amargosa Basin, SW Nevada and in Berrien County, SW Michigan
Taylor, E.M., D.S. Sweetkind, and D.W. O'Leary
Abstract (29 KB)

Depth to Bedrock: Three-dimensional Bedrock and Overburden Thickness Methodology for Mineral Aggregates and Groundwater Geology Mapping in Ontario
van Haaften, S., J. Shirota, C. Gao, and F. Brunton
Abstract (155 KB) Presentation 1.5 MB