2005 - Salt Lake City, UT

October 15, 2005
Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Salt Lake City, UT

Introduction - Three-dimensional geological Mapping For Groundwater Applications
Russel, H., L.H. Thorleifson, and R.C. Berg
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The Role of 3D Geologic Modeling and Database Solutions in the Virttaankangas Artificial Recharge Project, Southwestern Finland
Artimo, A., Saraperä, S., and Ylander, I.
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3D Modelling of Quaternary Deposits in Waterloo Region, Ontario; A Case Study Using Datamine Studio Software®
Bajc, A.F. and Newton, M.J.
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Toward A Goal of A "Super" Three-Dimensional Geological Map
Berg R.C. and Soller, D.R.
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A 3D Esker Geomodel for Groundwater Research: The Case of the Saint-Mathieu - Berry Esker, Abitibi, Québec, Canada
Bolduc, A., Paradis, S.J., Riverin, M., Lefebvre, R., and Michaud, Y.
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Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping of Groundwater Resources in Kane County, Illinois
Dey, W.S., Davis, A.M., Abert, C.C., Curry, B.B., and Seiving, J.C.
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An Example of IGS Glacial-Terrain Mapping: Exploration of Deep Quaternary Valley-Fill Sequences in Central Indiana
Dickson, M.L., Bleuer, N.K., Brown, S.E., Olejnik, J., and Rupp, R.
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Geological Mapping in the Netherlands: The Case of the Shallow Subsurface (-500 M)
Gunnink, J.L.
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Estimating the Uncertainty of 3D Geologic Maps
Keefer, D. and Rittenhouse, S.
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3D Geological Model of the Red River Valley, Central North America
Keller, G., Matile, G., Thorleifson, L.H., and Malolepszy, Z.
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3D Geoscience Models And Their Delivery To Customers
Kessler, H., Lelliott, M., Bridge, D., Ford, F., Sobisch, H.G., Mathers, S., Simon Price, S., Merritt, J., and Royse, K.
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Making The Most of What You've Got: Creating 3D Subsurface Models With Data of Varying Quality
MacCormack, K.E., Eyles, C.H., and Maclachlan, J.C.
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Three-Dimensional Geological Model of Poland and Its Application to Geothermal Resource Assessment
Malolepszy, Z.
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Advances In 3D Earth Modelling
McGaughey, J
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Using Groundwater Age and Other Isotopic Signatures to Delineate Groundwater Flow and Stratification
Moran, J.E. and Hudson, G.B.
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Lowering Barriers To Public Communication With 3D Groundwater Mapping At Alberta Geological Survey: Examples From Canada's Oil Sands Areas
Parks, K., Andriashek, L., and Atkinson, N.
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The Role of Geophysics in 3D Mapping
Pullan, S.E.
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From Geological to Groundwater Flow Models: An Example of Inter-Operability for Semi-Regular Grids
Ross, M., Aitssi, L., Martel, R., and Parent, M.
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Sediment Architecture And Composition of The Waterloo Moraine, Southern Ontario: Emerging Insights
Russell, H.A.J., Sharpe, D.R., and Bajc, A.F.
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Incorporation of Groundwater Flow into Traditional Sensitivity Analysis of a Southeast Coastal Plain Layered Aquifer System
Shafer, J.M., Covington, E.R., Rine, J.M., and Berg, R.C.
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Geological Frameworks in Support of Source Water Protection in Ontario
Sharpe, D.R. and. Russell, H.A.J.
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Aquifer Maps For County Planners In Lake County, Illinois: Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping, And Aquifer Sensitivity Classification For The Antioch Quadrangle
Stiff, B.J., Barnhardt, J.M., Hansel, A.K., and Larson, D.R.
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How Much Data is Enough? Detailed Geologic Mapping Near a Superfund Site, Wauconda, Illinois
Stumpf, A.J.
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Using Borehole Data and Three-Dimensional Models to Map the Ground-Water System in the Amargosa Desert Basin, Nevada and California
Taylor, E.M. and Sweetkind, D.S.
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3D Geological Modeling in Support of Ground Water Inventory in the Fargo-Moorhead Region, Minnesota and North Dakota
Thorleifson, L.H., Berg, J.A., Tipping, R.G., Malolepszy, Z., Harris, K.L., Lusardi, B.A., Setterholm, D.R., and Anderson, F.J.
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Cost of 1:12,000-Scale Geologic Map, $500,000; Cost of 3D Data, Priceless
Troost, K.G. and Booth, D.B.
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Application of Transition Probability Geostatistics in a Detailed Stratigraphic Framework
Weissmann, G.S.
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Regional Groundwater Flow Modeling in the Oak Ridges Moraine Area: Building on the 3D Geologic Model
Wexler, E.J. and Kassenaar, D.
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