2007 - Denver, Colorado

October 27, 2007
Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Denver, Colorado

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Videos from Burt and Gunnink presentations

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Introduction - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping For Groundwater Applications
Berg, R.C., H.A.J. Russel and L.H. Thorleifson
Abstract (29KB)           berg@isgs.illinois.edu

Geoinformatics—What We Need to Do to Accelerate Web Accessibility
M. Lee Allison and Linda Gundersen
Abstract (47KB)           Presentation (14.4MB)           lee.allison@azgs.az.gov

Evaluation of a Bedrock Aquitard for Regional- and Local-Scale Groundwater Flow
Kenneth R. Bradbury, Madeline B. Gotkowitz, and David J. Hart
Abstract (184KB)           Presentation (3.3MB)           krbradbu@wisc.edu

New Products and Advancements in 3-D Modelling Protocols Based on Studies in Thick Drift Areas in Ontario, Canada
Abigail K. Burt and Andrew F. Bajc
Abstract (248KB)           Presentation (18.5MB)           Video           abigail.burt@ontario.ca

3D Modeling of Geology for Groundwater Application in the Netherlands
Jan L. Gunnink
Abstract (352KB)           Presentation (17MB)           Video           jan.gunnink@tno.nl

So Where Do We Go From Here?
Ian Jackson
Abstract (43KB)           Presentation (48MB)           ij@bgs.ac.uk

A Framework and Methods for Characterizing Uncertainty in Geologic Maps
Donald A. Keefer
Abstract (144KB)           Presentation (3.4MB)           keefer@isgs.illinois.edu

Rigorous 3D Geological Models as the Basis for Groundwater Modelling
Holger Kessler, Steve Mathers, Mike Lelliott, Andrew Hughes, and David Macdonald
Abstract (184KB)           Presentation (18.0MB)           hke@bgs.ac.uk

The Use of Ground-Penetrating Radar Data in the Development of Facies-Based Hydrogeologic Models
Rosemary Knight, Elliot Grunewald, Richelle M. Allen-King, Stephen Moysey, and David Gaylord
Abstract (144KB)           Presentation (12.8MB)           rknight@stanford.edu

Practical Saturated Thickness: A More Realistic Measure of Groundwater Availability in Heterogeneous Aquifers
P. Allen Macfarlane and Nicholas Schneider
Abstract (208KB)           Presentation (10.1MB)           dowser@kgs.ku.edu

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Chemical and Isotopic Tracers for Characterization of Groundwater Systems
Jean E. Moran, Michael J. Singleton, Steven F. Carle, and Bradley K. Esser
Abstract (544KB)           Presentation (2.2MB PDF)           moran10@llnl.gov

What the Earth Scientist Can Learn From the Public's Difficulty to Understand What We Have to Say
Paul Morin
Abstract (184KB)           Ipaul@umn.edu

Groundwater Modelling: From Geology to Hydrogeology
Alfonso Rivera
Abstract (264KB)           Presentation (4.1MB)           arivera@nrcan.gc.ca

Geomodels as a Key Component of Environmental Impact Assessments of Military Training Ranges in Canada
Martin Ross, Richard Martel, Geneviève Parent, and Alex Smirnoff
Abstract (200KB)           Presentation (17.2MB)           maross@uwaterloo.ca

Web Based Mapping: The Public Demand for Data Accessibility and Visualization
Hazen A.J. Russell, David R Sharpe, Boyan Brodaric, Eric Boisvert, and Charles Logan
Abstract (69KB)           hrussell@nrcan.gc.ca

The Development of Standards for 3D Geoscience Map Information — What's Necessary?
David R.Soller
Abstract (22KB)           drsoller@usgs.gov

Quaternary Sequence Grid-Based Hydrostratigraphic 3D Modelling by the Relative Method, Châteauguay River Watershed, Quebec
Tommy Tremblay, Miroslav Nastev, Michel Lamothe
Abstract (512KB)           Presentation (22.9MB)           tremblay.tommy@courrier.ugam.ca

Geodatabase and High-Resolution Geologic Mapping in the Puget Lowland, Washington
Kathy Goetz Troost and Aaron P. Wisher
Abstract (1.1MB)           Presentation (27.0MB)           ktroost@u.washington

A Review of Geological Modeling
A. Keith Turner and Carl W. Gable
Abstract (328KB)           Presentation (3.4MB)           kturner@mines.edu

3-D Modeling of Glacial Stratigraphy Using Public Water Well Data, Geologic Interpretation, and Geostatistics
Erik R. Venteris
Abstract (280KB)           Presentation (19.8MB)           erik.venteris@dnr.state.oh