2009 - Portland, Oregon

October 17, 2009
2009 Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Portland, Oregon

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Introduction - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping: An International Perspective
Berg, R.C., H.A.J. Russel and L.H. Thorleifson
Abstract (61KB)           berg@isgs.illinois.edu

Troy Valley Glacial Aquifer: 3D Hydrostratigraphic Model Aiding Water Management in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA
Kallina M. Dunkle, David M. Mickelson, Mary P. Anderson, and Michael N. Fienen
Abstract (352KB)           dunkle@wisc.edu

Application of Three-Dimensional Geologic Models in Developing Groundwater-Flow Models
Claudia C. Faunt, Donald Sweetkind, and Randall T. Hanson
Abstract (536KB)           Presentation (31.6MB)           ccfaunt@usgs.gov

3D Down-Under — What are the Australians up to in 3D Hydrogeology
Bruce Gill, Don Cherry, Xiang Cheng, Jon Fawcett, and Mark Reid
Abstract (296KB)           Presentation (13.8MB)           Bruce.gill@dpi.vic.gov.au

Make a Difference Outside your own Backyard
Ian Jackson
Abstract (256KB)           Presentation (9.4MB)           ij@bgs.ac.uk

Progress in 3D Geological Mapping in the Eastern Prairies of Canada and the USA
Greg Keller, Gaywood Matile, and Harvey Thorleifson
Abstract (1.2MB)           Presentation (31.2MB)           Video (4.3MB)           greg.keller@gov.mb.ca

Building on Geological Models — The Vision of an Environmental Modelling Platform
Holger Kessler, Diarmad Campbell, Jon Ford, Jeremy Giles, Andrew Hughes, Ian
Jackson, Denis Peach, Simon Price, Hans-Georg Sobisch, Ricky Terrington, and Ben Wood
Abstract (872KB)           Presentation (2.8MB)           hke@bgs.ac.uk

Do Geologic Mapping Programs in the U.S. as Presently Constituted Meet Pressing Societal Needs?
E. Donald McKay III
Abstract (296KB)           Presentation (9.2MB)           mckay@isgs.illinois.edu

Mapping Locally Complex Geologic Units in Three Dimensions: The Multi-point Geostatistical Approach
G. Phelps and A. Boucher
Abstract (288KB)           Presentation (18.0MB)           gphelps@usgs.gov

Online Access, Visualization and Analysis of Canadian Groundwater Date
David Sharpe, Boyan Brodaric, Eric Boisvert, Charles Logan, and Hazen A.J. Russell
Abstract (720KB)           dsharpe@nrcan.gc.ca

Three-Dimensional Property Modeling of a Complex Fluvio-Deltaic Environment: Rhine-Meuse of Delta, The Netherlands
Jan Stafleu, Freek S. Busschers, Denise Maljers, and Jan L. Gunnink
Abstract (960KB)           Presentation (25.4MB)           jan.stafleu@tno.nl

An Agenda for Development of Vertically Georeferenced, Web-optimized, Subsurface Information
Harvey Thorleifson
Abstract (96KB)           Presentation (31.8MB)           thorleif@umn.edu

3D Geological Mapping: An Inescapable Evolution for National Geological Surveys
Catherine Truffert
Abstract (224KB)           Presentation (14.6MB)           C.truffert@brgm.fr

The Role of Geological Modeling in a Web-based Collaborative Environment
Keith Turner and Frank A D'Agnese
Abstract (400KB)           Presentation (30.4MB)           frank@earthknowledge.net

From 2D Cross-Sections to a 3D Model: A Toolset for Integrated Data Management, Modeling, and Visualization
Nat Voorhies, Scott Bowen, Tom Battenhouse, Rob Porges, and Tax Fox
Abstract (360KB)           voorhiesn@saic.com

Contribution of Geophysics to Geological Models
Helga Wiederhold, Reinhard Kirsch, and Wolfgang Scheer
Abstract (752KB)           Presentation (16.7MB)           helga.wiederhold@liag-hannover.de

3D Structure Modeling at the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany
Birget Willscher, Rolf Rüdiger Ludwig, and Bettina Kühn
Abstract (1.1MB)           Presentation (5.3MB)           Birgit.Willscher@bgr.de