Christopher P. Korose

Associate Geologist
Coal and Petroleum Geology


Research Interests: 
  • GIS analysis and geological mapping
  • Cartographic products and online interactive maps
  • GIS/database development and programming
  • Coal and petroleum resource data
  • Geologic carbon sequestration
  • Illinois Basin stratigraphy and geology
  • Mine geology
Current Research Projects: 
  • Assist team in the creation of new coal geology map products, reports, and GIS datasets
  • Develop and maintain coal stratigraphic relational database
  • Lead GIS study to update results pertaining to The Proximity of Underground Mines to Urban and Developed Lands in Illinois
  • Assist team with coal mine visits, preparation of geologic notes, coal data acquisition and core description, respond to requests for coal resource information and data
  • Manage GIS data and coordinate regional mapping tasks for a three-state geologic carbon sequestration study
  • Design GIS data processing models and calculate regional CO2 volumetric estimates for multiple geologic reservoirs
  • Provide sequestration project data via a distributed national carbon sequestration geospatial data portal (NATCARB), and the Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada (U.S. DOE)