Edward Mehnert

Edward Mehnert, PhD
Hydrogeology and Geophysics
217-244-2785 (Fax)
  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, 1982 
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 1984 
  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Hydrosystems), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, 1998 
Research Interests: 
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Groundwater contamination by agricultural chemicals
  • Numerical modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport
  • Groundwater monitoring
Current Research Projects: 
Selected Publications: 

Mehnert, E., J. Damico, S. Frailey, H. Leetaru, Y.-F. Lin, R. Okwen, N. Adams, B. Storsved, A. Valocchi, 2013.Development of a basin-scale model for CO2 sequestration in the basal sandstone reservoir of the Illinois Basin—issues, approach and preliminary results. Energy Procedia 37: 3850-3858


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