Hue-Hwa (Ellen) Hwang

Hue-Hwa (Ellen) Hwang, Ph.D.
Associate Geochemist
Quaternary and Engineering Geology
217-333-2830 (Fax)


Research Interests: 
  • Application of environmental isotopes (H/D, O, C, N, and Tritium) to environmental and geochemical problems
  • Origin of saline groundwater in southern Illinois
  • Effect of fluid mixing and water-rock interactions on groundwater geochemistry and diagenesis of aquifer-rocks
  • Source identification of nitrates in groundwater and surface water using nitrogen and oxygen isotopes
Current Research Projects: 
  • Effect of Urban Growth and Land Usage on Groundwater Quality in McHenry County Based on Chemical and Isotopic Assessment
  • Application of nitrogen and oxygen isotopes for determining dominant sources of nitrate in karst aquifers of southwestern Illinois
  • Application of Nitrate and Oxygen Isotopes to Identify Sources of Nitrate
  • Chronic Sodium-Chloride Contamination in Groundwater and Surface Water in Urban and Industrial Areas: Investigation of Geochemical Techniques to Determine the Sources of These Contaminants
Outreach Projects: 
  • Geological Society of America
  • American Geophysical Union