James J. Miner

Wetlands Geologist and Head
Wetlands Geology
217-265-8214 (Fax)


Major Responsibilities: 

Advising state and federal agencies regarding wetland hydrogeology, wetland restoration, and wetland preservation.

Current Research Projects: 
  • Use of bioswales to improve the quality of tollway runoff
  • Hydrogeologic aspects of site selection for wetland mitigation
  • Impacts to the hydrogeology of Illinois Nature Preserves and natural areas
  • Calcareous fens in northeastern Illinois
  • Transportation-related wetland impacts and mitigation
Selected Publications: 

Kay, R.T., J.J. Miner, D.A. Maurer, and C.K. Knight, 2010, Hydrology, Water Quality, and Causes of Changes in Vegetation in the Vicinity of the Spring Bluff Nature Preserve, Lake County, Illinois, May 2007-August 2008: U.S. Geological Survey, Scientific Investigations Report 2009-5237, 73 p.

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Plankell, E.T., J.J. Miner, and K.E. Bryant, 2009, Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Former Fish Farm at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, Du Page County, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, 63 p. (OFS 2009-1)

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