Sallie Greenberg

Sallie Greenberg, M.S.
Associate Director
Advanced Energy Technology Initiative
217-333-4722 (Fax)


Research Interests: 
  • Public perception and social science aspects of carbon capture and sequestration
  • Earth science education and teacher professional development
  • Carbon sequestration and climate change
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Environmental geology
  • Low temperature geochemistry — stable isotopes and clay mineralogy
Current Research Projects: 
  • Carbon Sequestration Communication and Development Support Initiative
  • An Assessment of Geological Carbon Sequestration Options in the Illinois Basin—Phase III (Illinois Basin - Decatur Project)
  • Public and professional outreach activities
Selected Publications: 

Greenberg, S.E., 2009, Public Acceptance of Carbon Sequestration: Impacts of Public Perception, 2009, Northcentral Geological Society of America Meeting, April 203, 2009: Rockford, Illinois.

Greenberg, S.E., and Wade, S., 2008, Afraid to Start Because the Outcome is Uncertain [abs.], GHGT-9, November 16-20, 2008: Washington, D.C.

Greenberg, S., Leetaru, H., Krapac, I., Hnottavange-Telleen, K., Finley, R., 2008, A Multi-Level Approach to Outreach for Geologic Sequestration Projects [abs.], GHGT-9, November 16-20, 2008: Washington, DC.

Wade, S., Garrett, G., Bradbury, J., Greenberg, S.E., Daly, D., Waggoner, L., Myhre, R., and Peterson, T., 2008, Using Stories to Engage the Public on CCS [abs.], Seventh Annual Conference on Carbon Capture and Sequestration, May 5-8, 2008: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Greenberg, S.E., and others, 2008, Invited Panel Discussion Regarding Lessons Learned from Pilot Permits, Ground Water Protection Council Annual Forum, September 21-24, 2008, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Greenberg, S.E., 2008, Building Public Acceptance Through Outreach, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Short Course, April 19, 2008: San Antonio, Texas.

Greenberg, S.E., Finley, R.J., Frailey, S.M., Rupp, J., Nuttall, B.C., Leetaru, H.E., Morse, D., Korose, C., Krapac, I.G., Grube, J.P., 2008, Carbon Sequestration in the Illinois Basin, Northcentral Geological Society of America Meeting, April 24-25, 2008: Evansville, Indiana.

Greenberg, S.E., 2006, Geologic Sequestration: An Opportunity for Educational Outreach, Fifth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia, May 8-11, 2006 (Poster presentation on CD-ROM proceedings as Poster 002).