William S. Dey

Associate Geohydrologist
Hydrogeology and Geophysics
217-244-2785 (Fax)


Research Interests: 
  • Groundwater resource investigations
  • Three-dimensional geologic mapping of groundwater resources
  • Impact of agricultural practices on groundwater quality
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Runoff and recharge relationships
Current Research Projects: 
  • Kane County Water Resource Investigations
  • The Effect of Land Use on Shallow Groundwater Flow and Quality
Selected Publications: 

Dey, W.S., B.B. Curry, J.C. Sieving, A.M. Davis, and C.C. Abert, 2004, Kane County Water Resurces Investigations: Interim Report on Geologic Investigations: Illinois State Geological Survey Open File Series 2004-9, 75 p.

Dey, W.S., A.M. Davis, B.B. Curry, and J.C. Sieving, 2004, Preliminary map of aquifer sensitivity to contamination, Kane county, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois Preliminary Geologic Map, IPGM-Kane AS, 1:100,000.

Dey, W.S., 2004, Three-dimensional geologic mapping of groundwater resources in Kane County, Illinois: 49th Annual Midwest Ground Water Conference, Bloomington, IN (October 27-29, 2004,), Program with Abstracts. p.25.

Krapac I.G., W.S. Dey, C.A. Smyth, and W.R. Roy, 1998, Impacts of bacteria, metals and nutrients on groundwater at two hog confinement facilities, in Proceedings of the National Ground Water Association Animal Feeding Operations and Groundwater: Issues, Impacts, and Solutions - A Conference for the Future, St. Louis, Mo., November 4-5, pp.29-50.

Sargent, S.L., W.S. Dey, and D.A. Keefer, 1998, Inexpensive automated paging system for use at remote research sites, Soil Science Society of America Journal, June-July, 1998, Vol. 62 No. 3, pp. 600-601.