Geophysics Downhole

  1. Spontaneous Potential (SP) - electrical potential between borehole and formation fluids
  2. Single Point Resistance (SPR) - resistance of rock, saturating fluid, and borehole fluid
  3. 8", 16", 32", 64" Normal Resistivity - resistivity, in ohm-meters of rocks and saturating fluids
  4. EM Induction (Conductivity) - conductivity of rock and saturating fluids
  5. Natural Gamma - total gamma radiation from natural or artificial radioisotopes
  6. Spectral Gamma - spectral gamma radiation from natural or artificial radioisotopes
  7. Density - total electron density
  8. Neutron - hydrogen content, elemental spectra
  9. Full Waveform Sonic - compressional, shear, and tube wave velocities
  10. Acoustic Televiewer (ATV) - acoustic reflectivity of borehole wall, borehole geometry and deviation
  11. 3-Arm Caliper - hole or casing diameter and rugosity
  12. Fluid Temperature and Resistivity - temperature and resistivity of fluid near sensor
  13. Fluid Sampler - takes up to 1.5 liters of fluid at point-specific depths
  14. Spinner Flow Meter (FLP-2492) - velocity of net flow in borehole
  15. Borehole Deviation - inclination and bearing of borehole

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