McClintock Coal Mine, Johnston City, Williamson County

Location: Section 19, Township 8 South, Range 3 West

Interior of Johnson City mineThe mine was opened as the Johnston City and St. Louis Coal Co. mine in 1908. It was subsequently owned by the Standard Collieries Company, then the Searles Coal Co. and finally by Crear Clinch Coal Company and was then known as the McClintock mine. It closed in March, 1927. ISGS Mine Notes say that it mined the Herrin or No. 6 coal, one of the major coal seams in the Illinois Basin. It was a shaft mine with a depth of 270 feet to coal.

The Dept. of Mines and Minerals Coal Report for 1924 gives some additional information:

      "Jan. 25, 1924, an explosion of gas caused by open lights, in the Crear-Clinch Coal Company's McClintock mine, killed thirty three men."

An explosion map of the mine, dated Jan. 25, 1924, as well as a regular map of the mine workings, dated 1927, is available on microfilm and can be ordered from the ISGS. The latter is 2 frames, the explosion map is one frame.
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A good online reference for this material is the Johnson City Mined-Area Quadrangle Map and Directory, page 15.

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