ISGS Annual Reports

2013 Annual ReportBelow are the annual reports of the Illinois State Geological Survey in PDF format.

Beginning in 2008-2009, the Illinois State Geological Survey activities are reported within the Prairie Research Institute's annual report, (formally the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability).

2013 Annual Report (1.1 MB)

2012 Annual Report (2 MB)

2011 Annual Report (4.7 MB)

2010 Annual Report (2.5MB) 

2009 Annual Report (2.0MB) 


Annual report 2007-2008 (6.2MB)
Annual report 2006-2007 (17.7MB)
Annual report 2005-2006 (9.5MB)
Annual report 2004-2005 (13.8MB)
Annual report 2003-2004 (5.2MB)
Annual report 2002-2003 (17.7Mb)