Outstanding Advocate 2009

Outstanding Advocate award presented to BACOG

The Outstanding Advocate Award recognizes individuals or companies that have been strong advocates of the Survey or particular Survey programs in public arenas. This year, the award goes to the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG), led by Executive Director Janet Agnoletti. For more than a decade, BACOG has supported ISGS programs serving the state, especially northeastern Illinois. BACOG has promoted geologic mapping and groundwater resource studies to state and federal legislators through letters written on behalf of its members. The direct interventions have introduced and promoted the Survey's work to a number of local governments that have an interest in sustainable development of groundwater and natural resources.

Agnoletti has explained and advocated Survey programs to governmental bodies and arranged for seminars and informational meetings for several years. These interventions have enabled Survey scientists to gain access to numerous public lands for downhole geophysical logging of private and public wells, drilling borings for sampling, and installing monitoring wells.

Most recently, BACOG has helped in promoting the Illinois Height Modernization Program. The personal contacts of Janet Agnoletti and BACOG have encouraged support among area legislators and congressional representatives of ISGS programs. This award recognizes BACOG's continued advocacy as a partner in the study of the sustainable use of Illinois' natural resources for commercial, industrial, and personal purposes.

The Barrington Area Council of Governments received a plaque that reads, "Outstanding Advocate: Barrington Area Council of Governments, in appreciation of your advocacy for ISGS programs in geologic mapping, groundwater resources, and height modernization for the benefit of the ISGS and the people of Illinois."