Outstanding External Cooperators 2009

Dr. Christopher Pearson receives his award from ISGS Director Don McKay

The second recipient is Dr. Christopher Pearson, the National Geodetic Survey's Illinois State Geodetic Advisor. Since 2001, Pearson has worked with the ISGS on mapping projects of all kinds and addressed and organized seminars and short courses on geodesy, datums, GPS surveying, and earth deformation at the ISGS, ILGISA (Illinois GIS Association), Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association, and at several campus departments. Many Survey staff have benefited from those talks and short courses.

Notably, Pearson also promoted the National Geodetic Survey's Height Modernization Program and convinced the ISGS to take the lead in this program for Illinois. Thanks to that encouragement, the program has become very visible in both the state and the nation. Funding for the first three years of about $1.8 million was obtained through the support of two area congressmen as a line item in the federal budget. The program adds reference marks to replace those lost over the past decades and adds new markers, will reconcile the numerous datums used statewide, and is acquiring LIDAR imagery on a modern datum for several topographic uses including geologic mapping. Pearson's leadership in developing the program for the 2009 Height Modernization Forum led to it being one of the most successful meetings of its kind nationally to date. Those who have worked with Pearson have come to enjoy his humor, insight, and enthusiasm for geodesy and geophysics.

Pearson received a plaque that reads, "Outstanding ISGS Cooperator: Christopher Pearson, Ph.D., in appreciation of your time, expertise, and enthusiasm in support of the ISGS mapping program and the Height Modernization Program for the benefit of the people of Illinois."