Outstanding External Cooperators 2009

Alan Shoemaker  receives his award from ISGS Director Don McKay

Alan Shoemaker, Manager of the Tuscola Stone Company, received this award for significant contributions to, and support of, Survey Programs. During August 2009, Shoemaker provided the ISGS and Pioneer Productions with a venue for filming part of an episode about the glaciation of North America for the History Channel's series "How the Earth Was Made."

Tuscola Stone Company's quarry was one of four Illinois filming locations. Shoemaker provided quarry access and accommodated three ISGS staff members and four film crew members for a day. He spent most of the day with the group, staying late so the crew could film for a few hours after the quarry closed. Shoemaker monitored the advance of a severe thunderstorm and notified staff about the timing of the approaching storm.

Shoemaker scheduled a rock blast for filming, arranged for an excavator to dig and expose glacial deposits for the camera, catered lunch on site for ISGS staff and the film crew, provided a shelter for lunch, and, above all, ensured a safe working environment.

Shoemaker received a plaque that reads, "Outstanding ISGS Cooperator: Alan Shoemaker, with appreciation for your time, equipment, and access to the Tuscola Stone Quarry in support of ISGS field trips, geologic mapping, and filming for the History Channel series "How the Earth Was Made" for the benefit of the people of Illinois."