Outstanding Advocate 2011 Bill Hoback

Bill Hoback, in appreciation of your outstanding support of FutureGen, the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, and many projects benefitting all aspects of ISGS research and infrastructure for the benefit of the people of Illinois

Outstanding Cooporater Award Presented to Amy Eller

Amy Eller, in appreciation of your commitment to broadly based data and information sharing with ISGS programs for the benefit of the people of Illinois

Drilling Team (left to right): Richard K. Padilla, Robert A. Bryant, Randy A. Blacker, Travis R. Griest

Distinguished Achievement Award, Melony Barrett

Melony Barrett, in recognition of your significant contributions to the improvement of the ILOIL web application for the benefit of industries and the people of Illinois

Lifetime Achievement Award Don Luman

Don Luman, in recognition of your advocacy for and coordination of the acquisition and dissemination of remote sensing data for the benefit of the people of Illinois

Lifetime Achievement Award Jane Domier

Jane Domier, in recognition of your development and streamlining of base map construction and improved geologic map production for the benefit of the people of Illinois

Donald Hastie and Robert Hastie were honored in appreciation of their support of ISGS field trips, commitment to the education of students and geologists, and for providing access to their quarry for observation, study, and collection of fluorite samples.

W. John Nelson was recognized for his contributions to Survey programs ince his retirement, including geologic mapping and research on col-bearing strata of the Illinois Basin and his continued mentoring of young geologists.

The Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to Donald A. Keefer in recognition of his outstanding vision and efforts in establishing the ISGS Visualization Lab.

Jonathan H. Goodwin was honored in recognition of his more than 30 years of leadership in administration, scientific research, publications, professional service, and outreach efforts.