Andrew C. Phillips

Andrew C. Phillips, Ph.D.
Associate Quaternary Geologist
Quaternary and Engineering Geology
217-333-2830 (Fax)


Research Interests: 
  • Sedimentary processes in rivers and lakes
  • Genesis of drift ridges in southwestern Illinois
  • Application of remote sensing and shallow geophysical data to surficial mapping
  • Evolution of Quaternary landscapes
Current Research Projects: 
  • Surficial geologic mapping of the Freeburg 7.5' Quadrangle, St. Clair County
  • Bedrock topographic mapping of Madison County
  • Geomorphic Assessment of Crow Creek (west) and Ten Mile Creek
  • Evolution of Partridge Creek watershed by geomorphic mapping and dendrochronology
  • Glacial geology of the Mahomet Aquifer
  • Technical Advisory Team, Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration Project
  • Secretary, Great Lakes Section of the Society for Sedimentary Geology
  • Management of the Illinois River Conference 2007 Planning Committee
Selected Publications: 

White, W.P., A.C. Phillips, and J. Beardsley, 2007, Senachwine Creek Watershed Assessment: A Framework for Project Identification and Restoration of Watersheds in the Illinois River Basin: World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2007, EWRC-ASCE, Tampa, Fla.

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Phillips, A.C., A. Pugin, D.A. Grimley, and T.A. Larson, 2005, Anatomy of Drift Ridges Revealed by Shallow Seismic Shear Wave Profiling: AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Paper Number U23C-02.

Smith, E.C., D.A. Grimley, A.C. Phillips, and R. Vaiden, 2005, Unconsolidated aquifers of the Metro East region: Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe Counties, Illinois: Midwest Groundwater 2005, Champaign, Nov 1-3, 2005.

Phillips, A.C., 2005, Surficial Geology of Highland Quadrangle, Madison, St. Clair, and Clinton Counties: Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois Preliminary Geologic Map, IPGM Highland-SG, 1:24,000.

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Phillips, A.C., B.L., Rhoads, T.J., McTighe, and C. Klaus, 2002, Stream dynamics assessment, Illinois River basin: Contract Report DACW25-98-D-0017, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island, IL, 65 p., 7 tab., 46 fig.

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Pugin, A.J.M, T.H. Larson, and A.C. Phillips, 2002, Shallow high-resolution shear-wave seismic reflection acquisition using a land-streamer in the Mississippi River flood plain: Potential for engineering and hydrogeologic applications: Symposium on the application of geophysics to environmental and engineering problems, February 10-14, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada, Proceedings, p. 3-12.

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