F. Brett Denny

Associate Economic Geologist
Bedrock Geology and Industrial Materials
618-985-3394 x240


Research Interests: 
  • Geologic mapping
  • Mineral resources of the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorite District
  • Ultramafic intrusions of Illinois and Kentucky
Current Research Projects: 
  • STATEMAP geologic mapping program, Illinois project manager
  • Economic potential of the Hicks Dome crypto-explosion feature in southeastern Illinois
Selected Publications: 

Counts, R., F.B. Denny, J.A. Devera, J.C. Hower, Z. Lasemi, R.D. Norby, P.E. Potter, S. Wanninger, and D.A. Williams, 2010, The Mississippian section at Paddy's Bluff, Crittenden County, Kentucky: Kentucky Geological Survey, Series XII, Map and Chart, 195.

Denny, F.B. and R.C. Counts, 2009, Bedrock Geology of Shetlerville Quadrangle, Pope and Hardin Counties, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, STATEMAP, Shetlerville-BG, 1:24,000 scale.

Denny, F.B., R.J. Jacobson, and W.J. Nelson, 2009, Bedrock Geology of Valmeyer Quadrangle, Monroe County, Illinois. Illinois State Geological Survey: Illinois Geologic Quadrangle Map, IGQ Valmeyer-BG, 1:24,000 scale.

Nelson, W.J., F.B. Denny, J.H. McBride, and L. Williams, 2009, Geology of Olmsted Quadrangle, Pulaski County, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois Geologic Quadrangle Map, IGQ Olmsted-G, 1:24,000 scale.

Denny, F.B., W.J. Nelson, and J.A. Devera, 2008, Bedrock Geology of Herod Quadrangle, Saline, Hardin, and Pope Counties, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, STATEMAP, Herod-BG, 1:24,000.

Denny, F.B., A. Goldstein, J.A. Devera, D.A. Williams, Z. Lasemi, and W.J. Nelson, 2008, The Illinois-Kentucky Fluorite District, Hicks Dome, and Garden of the Gods in Southeastern Illinois and Northwestern Kentucky, in A.H. Maria, and R.C. Counts, eds., From the Cincinnati Arch to the Illinois Basin: Geological Field Excursions along the Ohio River Valley: Geological Society of America Field Guide 12, p. 11-24.