Peter M. Berger

Peter M. Berger, M.S.
Assistant Geochemist
491 Natural Resources Building
615 E Peabody Ave
Champaign IL, 61820

B.S. Geology, Bowling Green State University, 2000
M.S. Geology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008

Current Research Projects: 
  • Reactive transport modeling of CO2 plumes
  • Diffusion modeling
  • Modeling reactions between shallow groundwater and CO2
  • Modeling rock/brine/CO2 batch reactions
  • Brine/CO2 flow through experiments
  • Miscibility of crude oil and CO2
Selected Publications: 

Bethke, C.M., and Berger, P.M., 2004, Dissolved noble gases reveal three-dimensional flow patterns of very old groundwater in sedimentary basins: Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America, v.36, no.5, p. 469.

Berger, Peter M., Roy, W. R., and Mehnert, E., 2008, Geochemical Modeling of Carbon Sequestration, MMV, and EOR in the Illinois Basin, Energy Procedia, v.1, pp 3437-3444.

Berger, P., Mehnert, E., and Roy, W. R.. 2009. Geochemical modeling of carbon sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone. Geological Society of America Symposium Sessions, North-Central Section, 43rd Annual Meeting, April 2-3, 2009. 

Berger, P. M., and Roy, W.R., 2011, Potential for Iron Oxides to Control Metal Releases in CO2-Sequestration Scenarios. Energy Procedia, v.4, pp 3195-3201.

Roy, W.R., and Berger, P.M., 2011, Geochemical Controls of Coal Fly Ash Leachate pH. Coal Combustion and Gasification Products, no.3, pp 63-66.

Yoksoulian, L.E., Freiburg, J.T., Butler, S.K, Berger, P.M., Roy, W.R., 2012, Mineralogical alterations during laboratory-scale carbon sequestration experiments for the Illinois Basin, 11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies, 18th-22nd November 2012, Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan.

Berger, P.M., Wimmer, B., Iranmanesh, A., 2012, Determining the Origin of CO2 in Shallow Groundwater Through Modeling. Abstracts with Programs – Geol Soc Am; 44:7.

Outreach Projects: