Richard C. Berg

Richard C. Berg, Ph.D.
Interim Director
Chief Scientist
Office of the Director
Natural Resources Building
615 E Peabody Ave
Champaign IL, 61820
217-244-7004 (Fax)


Research Interests: 
  • Environmental geology
  • Glacial geology
  • Geological mapping
  • Soil geomorphology
Current Research Projects: 
  • Central Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition
  • Mapping Quaternary sediments in the Middle Illinois valley
  • Outreach activities
Selected Publications: 

Berg, R.C., 2005. Societal and economic benefits of three-dimensional geological mapping for environmental protection at multiple scales: an overview perspective from Illinois, USA, in The Current Role of Geological Mapping in Geosciences, Edited by Stanislaw R. Ostaficzuk: Springer, Amsterdam, NATO Science Series, IV. Earth and Environmental Sciences, vol. 56, p. 97-114.

McKay, E.D. III, R.C. Berg, A.K. Hansel, T.J. Kemmis, and A.J. Stumpf. 2008. Quaternary deposits and history of the ancient Mississippi River valley, north-central Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey Guidebook 35, 51st Midwest Friends of the Pleistocene Field Trip, 98p.

Berg, R.C., C.P. Weibel, A.J. Stumpf, and E.D. McKay III. 2009. Bedrock topography of the Middle Illinois River valley, Bureau, Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, and Woodford Counties: Illinois State Geological Survey Illinois Map 15, Scale 1:62,500.

Berg, R.C., H.A.J. Russell, and L.H. Thorleifson. 2009. Three-dimensional geological mapping, workshop extended abstracts: Illinois State Geological Survey Open File Series 2009-4, 2009 Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Portland, Oregon, October 17, 2009, 74p.

Berg, R.C., H.A. Wehrmann, and J.M. Shafer, 1989, Geological and hydrological factors for siting hazardous or low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities: Illinois State Geological Survey Circular 546, 61p.

Curry, B.B., R.C. Berg, and R.A. Vaiden, 1997, Geologic mapping for environmental planning, McHenry County, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey Circular 559, 79 p.

Lasemi, Z. and R.C. Berg, 2001, Three-dimensional geologic mapping: A pilot program for resource and environmental assessment in the Villa Grove Quadrangle, Douglas County, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey Bulletin 106, 117 p.