Public Field Trips

Starved Rock 1962

Please click on Fall Field Trip in the upper right to see what we are planning for October 2014.  We are exploring a new field trip format.

You're invited to join ISGS scientists on a field trip. Currently the ISGS conducts spring and fall geoscience field trips annually. Each trip is designed to acquaint you with the geology, landscape, mineral resources, and biodiversity of a different part of the state. You will have time to explore a special area of the state, to talk with geologists and other experts, or simply to admire the view. 

People of all ages are welcome; however, grade-school groups must be supervised by at least one adult for each five students, and high-school groups must be supervised by at least one adult for each ten students. The trips are especially helpful to teachers of earth science classes.

Each participant will receive a guidebook explaining the geology, topography, and other features for the field trip area. A list of guidebooks from previous field trips is available for use in planning your own class tours or private outings.

The Illinois State Geological Survey, a division of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has studied and mapped the state's geology and mineral resources since 1905. The ISGS also collects, archives, and distributes great quantities of geologic data for basic and environmental research.

For information about ISGS research and service, guidebooks from previous field trips, or educational publications, visit the ISGS Web site or contact the Illinois State Geological Survey (217-333-4747 or 217-244-2427; TDD 217-244-6677).