Crystal Lake-SG Supporting Information

About Supporting Data

These supporting data files furnish detailed information about map features that are not normally included in the map or report. ISGS makes no guarantee about the accuracy of this unreviewed data, and users are urged to contact the author of the map before making any decision based on this information.

Primary mapping data (PDF format)

Descriptive well logs with gamma curves (PDF format)

API no. 121112256400

API no. 121112351700

API no. 121112410800

API no. 121112419100

API no. 121112741000

API no. 121112811300

API no. 120892959100

API no. 120893344200

API no. 121113494400

API no. 121113739400

API no. 121113756600

API no. 121113756800

Updated 12/03/2009 SLD

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