ISGS in the News

Local fire services practice earthquake response scenarios

ISGS geologist, Tim Larson, talks about the likelihood of an earthquake in Champaign County.

Director of UI Prairie Research Institute stepping down

The founding director of the University of Illinois Prairie Research Institute is stepping down after six years and plans to retire next year.

A Minute With... Robert Bauer, engineering geologist

R. Bauer, engineering geologist, talks about the new proposed fracking regulations with News Bureau physical sciences editor Liz Ahlberg.

300 million years ago: Danville’s underground forest reveals the ancient past

ISGS geologists, John Nelson and Scott Elrick talk about their research on the Danville underground fossil forest.

Quarry plans, info uncertain for Robbins residents

On August 20, Subhash Bhagwat and Donald Mikulic were invited by the United Citizens of Robbins (UCOR) to provide information regarding the limestone occurrence and the economic aspects of its possible exploitation by mining. 

Old maps of Illinois mines on state’s ‘wanted’ list

State agencies utilize ILMINES to aid in mine subsidence reports.

Agencies prep for potential New Madrid quake

Engineering geologist, Robert Bauer, discusses the difficulty in preparing for something you can't predict. 

U of I to Receive Energy Frontier Research Center Awards

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced 32 new and continuing multiyear, multimillion-dollar Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs). Among them, the new “Center for Geologic Storage of CO2”.

Study says Illinois is second-flattest state on mainland

Richard Berg, Interim Director of the Illinois State Geological Survey, gives his input on what makes Illinois so flat.

Map update adds to undermined areas in Springfield

Updated maps show a previously undiscovered area of underground coal mines in a mixed residential and commercial area of Springfield.