Accessing Data from an ArcIMS Map Service

GIS professionals with access to ESRI software can add data directly from an ArcIMS Map Service. The following information is copied directly ESRI Help Topic: Connecting to GIS Servers.

Connecting to an ArcIMS Server

In the ArcCatalog GIS Servers folder, double-click Add ArcIMS Server.

In the dialog box that appears, type in the URL of the Internet Server to which you want to connect.
To find the URL of the Internet Server for any ArcIMS Map Service, open the corresponding Interactive Map from the publishing agency. Example: access ISGS Map Services from the Illinois Clearinghouse home page, observe the URL's generic/server/service components such as which has generic as http://, server as and service as iloil.

If you want to access a number of services on this server, click Get List.
A list of all services that are available on the server appears.

Check the services you want to be able to access from this server.