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2011 Illinois Department of Transportation Orthophotography - Compressed Countywide Collections

Map of Illinois State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS), West and East Zone Tile Boundaries (6 x 6 inch)

Map of Illinois State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS), West and East Zone Tile Boundaries (1 x 1 foot)

Each county Zip file bundle consists of a set of Jpeg 2000 (jp2) files and associated metadata (xml) files representing the data tiles found in that projection of the county. Each county has a buffer of tiles around it to ensure full county coverage. Thirty-four Illinois counties are situated along the Illinois State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS), West and East zone boundary. These counties contain data tiles that are available in both projections along the boundary area of that county. The Zip files that contain the partial counties along the SPCS East/West zone boundary are noted with a "p" in front of their name and are highlighted in the table below.

  Countywide compressed .zip file bundles contain:
<filename>.jp2 - multiple JPEG 2000 compressed images from entire county
<filename>.xml - multiple metadata files for uncompressed GeoTIFF image, edited to include compressed image information for entire county


Zip files are large in size; some may take several hours to download. Make certain your Internet provider does not have a 2GB cap or time limit on file downloads. Also, if you can download the Zip file but run into errors with extraction, you might be using a program that only extracts 32-bit Zip files. You will need to use a program called 7-Zip, or a similar program, that can handle 64-bit Zip files. Submit a Help Request Form to receive any county by mail.

TIFF with World Files:

If you are interested in requesting the TIFF file format with the associated world files (tfw) please submit a Help Request Form to receive any county by mail. These files are too large to provide through this downloads page.


The native projection for the 2011 IDOT orthophotography is transverse Mercator, Illinois State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS), West and East zones, NAD 1983 datum. Users should be aware that re-projection of the data into another map projection can result in horizontal displacements of the imagery from their original location.

Download SPCS East zone (SPE) Orthophoto Data Tiles by County

p Bond 597 MB Boone 2.66 GB p Bureau 285 MB Champaign 7.93 GB p Christian 701 MB Clark 4.34 GB Clay 3.82 GB
p Clinton 363 MB Coles 4.15 GB Crawford 3.90 GB Cumberland 2.83 GB De Kalb 5.65 GB DeWitt 3.37 GB Douglas 3.70 GB
Edgar 5.57 GB Edwards 2.20 GB Effingham 4.03 GB Fayette 5.93 GB Ford 4.76 GB Franklin 3.80 GB Gallatin 3.00 GB
Grundy 3.62 GB Hamilton 3.62 GB Hardin 1.58 GB Iroquois 8.73 GB p Jackson 337 MB Jasper 4.28 GB Jefferson 4.36 GB
Johnson 3.04 GB Kankakee 5.67 GB La Salle 9.23 GB Lawrence 3.21 GB p Lee 467 MB Livingston 8.54 GB p Logan 545 MB
Macon 4.97 GB Marion 4.81 GB p Marshall 259 MB Massac 2.14 GB McLean 9.23 GB p Montgomery 389 MB Moultrie 2.96 GB
p Ogle 259 MB p Perry 415 MB Piatt 3.82 GB Pope 3.48 GB p Pulaski 337 MB p Putnam 233 MB Richland 3.14 GB
Saline 3.62 GB p Sangamon (.5 ft) 486 MB Shelby 6.59 GB p Tazewell (.5 ft) 1.09 GB p Union 363 MB Vermilion 7.57 GB Wabash 2.33 GB
p Washington 363 MB Wayne 6.03 GB White 4.16 GB Williamson 3.82 GB p Winnebago 415 MB p Woodford 649 MB p Woodford (.5 ft) 140 MB

Download SPCS West zone (SPW) Orthophoto Data Tiles by County

Adams 6.99 GB Alexander 2.65 GB Bond 3.42 GB p Boone 337 MB Brown 2.86 GB Bureau 7.15 GB Calhoun 2.97 GB
Carroll 4.09 GB Cass 3.60 GB Christian 5.90 GB Clinton 4.28 GB p De Kalb 571 MB p DeWitt 233 MB p Fayette 701 MB
p Franklin 311 MB Fulton 7.25 GB Greene 4.54 GB Hancock 6.81 GB Henderson 3.65 GB Henry 6.66 GB Jackson 4.83 GB
p Jefferson 363 MB Jersey 3.53 GB JoDaviess 5.18 GB p Johnson 389 MB Knox 5.68 GB p La Salle 986 MB Lee 5.98 GB
p Livingston 181 MB Logan 5.14 GB p Macon 649 MB Macoupin 6.77 GB Madison 5.80 GB p Marion 285 MB Marshall 3.37 GB
Mason 5.09 GB p Massac 99.3 MB McDonough 4.74 GB p McLean 831 MB Menard 2.91 GB Mercer 4.76 GB Monroe 3.65 GB
Montgomery 5.95 GB Morgan 4.99 GB Ogle 6.13 GB Peoria 5.17 GB Perry 3.77 GB Pike 6.96 GB Pulaski 2.01 GB
Putnam 1.80 GB Randolph 5.10 GB Rock Island 4.57 GB Sangamon (.5 ft) 28.3 GB Schuyler 3.98 GB Scott 2.33 GB p Shelby 519 MB
Stark 2.83 GB St. Clair 5.49 GB Stephenson 4.56 GB Tazewell (.5 ft) 21.0 GB Union 3.83 GB Warren 4.61 GB Washington 4.74 GB
Whiteside 5.56 GB p Williamson 389 MB Winnebago 4.28 GB Woodford 4.74 GB Woodford (.5 ft) 4.46 GB

Zip files that contain the partial counties along the SPCS East/West zone boundary are highlited above and have a "p" in front of their name.